Monday, April 25, 2011

Adventures in Copenhagen

Last week I decided I needed to do one thing that would make my alter-ego, Holly, happy. I did name my blog Favor For Holly, after all.

Well, I decided that I would climb the spiral staircase steeple of the Vors Frelsers Church, something that I knew from the beginning would make Holly happy as a clam. Ugh. Freak.

Despite my crippling fear of heights, it looked manageable from the ground. It was a beautiful clear day, and I was feeling especially capable.

Once inside, I was surprised to see a flight of stairs leading up the church. “Where’s the elevator?” I asked. No elevator. OK. You walk up. Duh.

I made it up the first flight fine. I was even humming some bob Marley.

I made it up the second flight okay, too.

By the third, Bob Marley soundtrack was long gone, and I was beginning to wonder why I decided to do this. The stairs were wooden, uneven, ancient, creaky…all of the things that make my heights-phobia tick.

At the fourth, I had to take a breather and talk myself into it. I stood there for 10 minutes...

...until I was blocking too many people, and realized that I had no option but to keep going.

The stairs got increasingly more terrifying. Now I could see in between them, the worst invention EVER. I kept focusing and saying “one step at a time,” but a tiny little vision popped into my head:

So I had to crouch down and refocus.

It took me fifteen minutes to climb up the next small flight- so I had to resort to my last option. I decided to picture everyone naked. It usually helps.

It didn't, but I had no option now, I had to keep going. Sweat was dripping down my forehead and back. My hands were vibrating. When I made it up the final staircase, I could see sky—I had made it to the spiral. I climbed on my hands and knees onto the base of the spiral—but it was too much.

I sat there in a ball, until I felt like my head was going to implode. So I didn't actually climb up the spiral, but I made it there, which is what matters most, right? Even though I was basically peeing my pants, I also felt incredibly alive and empowered. I could barely breathe until I was standing on the ground again, and then I felt like I could do almost anything (in fact, I went on a roller coaster the next day in beautiful Tivoli, which I must blog about soon!).

Have you guys done anything recently that terrified you? I'd love to hear!

Have a fabulous week! xo


  1. Still laughing at the X-rated pics...

  2. :D this is wonderful.

    My senior year of college I climbed to the top of this: and it was exactly as you described it. Tiny winding staircase with steps you could see through. Because, I, too, have a crippling fear of heights.

    Also, please draw more boobies.