Thursday, January 13, 2011


One night years ago when I was especially bored, I opened my journal and decided to create an “Opposite Joy” character sketch. Since naming her Miserable or Depressed wasn’t an option, I chose Holly, a name I had always liked. Holly is fair, with blond, curly hair and blue eyes. She’s extraordinarily timid and submissive. She loves asparagus and smelly sponges, as well as six mile runs and roller coasters …you get the point.

Holly is also adventurous. She lives for plane rides, the thrill of lifting off the ground and the rush of clouds around her. She dreams of month long trips around the world in ships and trains and boats and colorfully painted vans. Since Holly happens to live inside me (exact location is not specified in journal), you can imagine she is somewhat sick of my opposite-ness of her. She especially has a problem with my fear of anything that isn’t my room-my-bed-my-same-exact-pillow-and-sheets-I’ve-had-since-I-was-six-attitude. These are just a few fears of mine that she deals with on the regular:

1. Anything that lifts off the ground and remains off the ground. Roller coasters, airplanes, elevators, cranes…GET OUT OF HERE. I’d rather eat a live worm. I’d rather hug a cactus.

2. Traveling away from home aka safe place to be not at home aka not safe place.

3. Having to sleep in a sleeping bag. With a bunched up sweatshirt as a pillow.

4. Unpredictable toilets.

You definitely get the point. I am the least adventurous person ever. But since Holly doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon and has even convinced me that asparagus (plus butter&lemon&salt) is not all that bad, I decided to amuse her just a little as well. By going to Denmark. For four months. On Saturday night. I have 14 some hours of off-the-ground loveliness ahead of me. Yikes! Wish me luck, and see you in Copenhagen!

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