Friday, April 29, 2011

19 Days

Aren't these little heart shaped clovers sweet? I discovered them on the lawn at the Louisiana Museum. If you're ever in Denmark, you have to go-- it is fantastic!

In 19 days I will be heading back to the US. I can't believe it. Where has the time gone? I am excited to go back to New York, but I have a lot to do before then. Like finals. In high school, my friend and I would go up to the roof gym at our school and scream our heads off at the end of every year, during all the exams and papers. I mean, we would really scream. We even streaked and ran around naked once. We never got caught, thank god :) It was exhilarating and extremely fun ( and always left my ears ringing- that's how loud we were!). If only that sort of thing was more acceptable...

Have great weekends, enjoy the sun!


  1. I do not believe that you streaked and ran naked in our high school gym.

  2. how much do you want to bet?

  3. it's a true story.......hahahaha -Emma