Friday, March 11, 2011


Hi Guys! Sorry I've been MIA recently...I've been in London for week!
I went with my child development program--26 girls and 1 boy. It was extremely fun, and utterly exhausting.

One of the first things we did when we got there was hop on the cute little London Eye-- a short, sweet, low to the ground ferris wheel. JUST KIDDING. Airplanes could skim the top of it, it was so damn high. And slow. And excruciating. I told myself I had to do it to make Holly happy, but on the first day? After a plane ride? After a huge dinner involving lots of curry and not enough wine? My heart was racing when I snapped this picture:

And my fingers were jello when I took this one:

Once I was in one of the glass bubbles, I sat on the bench in the middle, with my hands up around my face like horse blinders. I focused on the horizon and the breath taking view of London. And then my classmates decided to take a group picture at one end of it, and the entire thing rocked to one side. I gripped the bench and imagined us all plummeting to our deaths, the glass shattering into a million pieces and slicing all our faces off as it crashed into the freezing water below us. All of a sudden it became too much. I yelled "HURRY UP!" to my classmates who were clearly oblivious to our closely approaching deaths. I was convinced there was a mechanical problem with our bubble. One of the screws was unscrewing itself. This thought caused me to burst into pitiful snot-inducing tears. My teacher planted her iphone in my hand and demanded I distract myself. I sniffled and then became completely engrossed in a game where I had to drop food into a frog's mouth. Fifteen minutes went by and when I looked out the window next, we were on the other side, almost to the ground. I was able to stand up and pose for this picture:

When my feet hit the ground again, I felt like I could go sky diving. Got to give Holly credit for that feeling!

In the 6 days that I spent in London, I visited Charles Dicken's living room:

I stopped by platform 9 3/4...

I took off my winter coat and spent an hour in wonderful sunlight watching my friends do cartwheels...

Went to a best.musical.ever about drag queens...

Stopped by Hyde Park and watched the ducks for awhile...

Drooled for a full thirty minutes as I walked through this food market...

Stopped by Westminster where Charles Darwin, Jane Austen, William Blake, Winston Churchill, John Keats (to name a few) lay buried...

And on the last night, drank wine, celebrated a birthday, and went out dancing.

Now time to go back to bed...more photos on Facebook soon. Hope everyone had a good week! xox


  1. Joyyyy! You voluntarily went up on a ferris wheel? Wow!

  2. first, love the picture on the eye- so proud of you!!

    second, all i have to say is- maisy. (in the last picture)