Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hello, My Deer

There is a family of deer about a seven minute bike ride away from my house. They live in a big fenced off field and are fed by the neighborhood, so they act kind of like dogs. I've never been so up-close to deer in my life (the closest I've come is spotting them along the highway driving out of NYC, and it's always super exciting). They really do have spots like Bambi, and the way they prance around-- it never gets old.

The Pappa buck is clearly in charge. He always approaches me first, and once he gives the O.K to his family, the mama comes next, and she lets me pet her. I feed them grass until they realize that it's the same stuff they've been eating, and then they start to give me skeptical looks. I haven't been able to convince the little ones to approach me yet--they prefer to stand back a little and watch me with their fuzzy heads and long necks. They always looks like teenage boys that just got out of bed-- so cute! When it's time to go I know--Papa Deer gives me a very clear look that means "OK KID. BEAT IT." And I definitely don't want to mess with him. Do you see those antlers?!

Hope everyone's having a good weekend!

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