Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Eating in Denmark

Let me introduce you to a typical lunch:

Veggies, hard boiled egg, cheese, really dense and dark rye-like bread, and curried herring, called Karry Sild (that orange-y glob). You pile a little bit of everything onto a little chunk of bread like so:

Yesterday, I was sick and delirious and realized all I wanted was peanut butter, so I trekked to two grocery stores in my neighborhood before finding it.

(Sorry for the foot). I was eating crackers slathered with this peanut butter (that for the most part tastes like peanut butter) when I decided to check out the ingredients...

I was hoping to see a word that looks somewhat like "peanuts" and a word that looks like "salt." Found salt. Vegetable oil? ok, whatever. Now what in the world is all that other stuff? I think I will go "google translate" it now...


  1. I'm hoping fintmalede jordnodder is peanut butter. and 'hardened vegetablish foodstuff' maybe?

  2. Joy this lunch looks delish... I want some! And I am loving your blog.