Thursday, February 24, 2011

Banana Bush & Vegetable Abuse

I had the brilliant idea...well... actually my mom did, to put another piece of fruit on the "banana bush", next to the banana peel corpse (see it? It kind of camouflages in).
All day I fantasized about what I would see when I returned to the bush later that day. A kiwi? A handwritten note? A tiny apple core?
Well, I guess it went for a little walk.

And then settled into a comfortable place.

It hasn't moved since. I gotta say, I was a little disappointed that the apple didn't experience more of a journey, but I'm not giving up yet. I'm thinking I'll add an orange next...

Speaking of fruit, my host family does something that seriously irks me. They leave their vegetables out. All day. After they've cut them up. Cut up cucumber? On the counter. Cut up tomato? Cut up avocado? Yup. Cut up onion? Pepper? Yes. Zucchini? Eggplant? You name it. Maybe it doesn't sound so weird, except I grew up with a mother who treats cut up vegetables like new born babies that need to be wrapped up snugly and tightly (in saran wrap), and placed in the fridge. Seeing half a tomato, a quarter of a cucumber, and pieces of onion laying on the counter all day and all night is child abuse for the vegetable, basically. I tried putting half of an onion in the fridge and 10 minutes later walked into the kitchen to find it back on the counter. Ah well. Some battles are not worth fighting.

P.S. Say Vegetable 10-15 times. Then look at it for a few minutes. What a weird word.


  1. Does anyone actually eat the cut up vegetable eventually? Or does it lay around, shriveled up into a mere shadow of its former self? Now THAT would be abuse!

  2. We eat it, and it doesn't have that cold crispy out the fridge taste I like. Especially the cucumbers.