Monday, January 17, 2011


FINALLY. I have a couple minutes where I feel like I won't either hyperventilate with overstimulation and jet-lag or pass out from overstimulation and jet-lag. Right now, I am just kind of...jet-lagged. Sorry in advance if this blog ends up making very little sense. :)
Saturday night feels feels like 28 days ago. I waved goodbye to my parents, who looked like two little hobbits parting ways with the shire(not to say that I can even compare to Middle Earth--just saying they looked super small and especially sad since small people like hobbits look so sad when they're sad). The plane ride was smooth for the first 5 hours, so I passed time by watching Avatar, beating my best score in Tetris, and seeing how long I can chew on a cube of Monterey Jack (about six minutes, unimpressive). Then I fell asleep for about fifteen minutes, dreamt that I was an Avatar connecting my little hair follicles/tentacles/connecting things with Brad Pitt, and woke up with my right arm in a crippling state of pins and needles and the plane going through the permanent press/hot water cycle in the most vicious laundry machine I've ever been in. I dealt with it by ripping off my cuticles and keeping an eye on the sleeping bald man two rows across from me. That's the best trick for those afraid of flying: as long as the deep sleeper remains sleeping, all is okay! (I also recommend locating the exit rows, one is usually around aisle 17, and planning an escape. If it's a water landing, think about taking your shoes off while the plane is in its rapid descent....). Anyway, bald man ended up sleeping through the whole flight, so it couldn't have been that bad, right?
The town I'm staying in is about 50 minutes away from the center of Copenhagen and smells like wood burning fires and fresh rain. It's flat and open, and there are large fields that are a deep, dark green. It becomes light out at about 8 and dark out promptly at 5. The metro/train is always silent, and people wait patiently at street curbs when the walking sign isn't on, even if a car or bike is no where in sight. People even smell slightly different-- some kind of soap or shampoo that isn't Dove or Pantene.
More later--but right now, I'm going to bed. bed bed bed bed.

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  1. the hobbits in the shire miss you but are glad that the sleeping bald man (maybe buddha?) kept you and the plane safe.